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deviation in storage by MariaTala
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So, while having play-time in your gallery, I see the option to critique this! And since you so foolishly encourage me, here we go: I l...


Thank you.

I can't always keep up with proper thanks, but know that I do thank anyone who reads anything of mine. :heart:

Also, you're already welcome. So no need to thank me for a thing. (:



BUY THIS. Do it now. NOW, I said.

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 7:25 AM

She is brilliant. She is beautiful. She is one of my favorite people on this whole planet. Support my lovely your-methamphetamine and be amazing.

the articulation of my vertebrae by your-methamphetamine

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MIA-ish and whatnot

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 13, 2014, 9:23 AM
Soooooo....I suck hella hard. I've been super MIA for quite a while. I've missed all of you but kinda needed some time away, I guess. Reality was calling. Now I need a break from reality again, so I'm gonna try to get back into writing and the safety zone that is dA. I'm insanely behind here and to be honest, there's zero chance I'm gonna be able to catch up on my inbox. Apologies. You guys aren't grudge-holders, though. :heart:

A little update: I've had a few little things published. I hurt the freaking hell out of my foot again. I'm on crutches and in a brace right now until my ligaments heal. It blows, but such is life. I hobbled my way (mostly drove, or was driven by my sister) out to Oklahoma last week and saw Pearl Jam for the second time. Anyone who knows me knows that's like the greatest thing in life for me. I'm seeing them again tomorrow night in Tennessee and am beyond stoked, though I dread the toll it's gonna take on my foot again. Buuuuuut....priorities. ;)

I've also tested some relationships in my life lately and learned who was meant to be here and who maybe isn't. I've really been working on myself and the way I think. For anyone who thought I had my shiz together: I've only been scraping by, myself. But I'm glad to say that I have a stronger relationship with my family (my mom and sister, anyway) than ever and that's been amazing. We were already close, but the way they, particularly my mom, has been there for me lately, I feel like a very lucky individual.

That's enough blabbing for now. I really have missed y'all. Feel free to send me an update on how you all are. And if you'd like to stay in contact in a way other than dA, let me know. I don't know how consistent I'm gonna be here.


Thank you to any new watchers or anyone who has commented or fav'd my work in my absence; I sincerely appreciate it.

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It WAS a hot one! Contest results!

Thu Jul 3, 2014, 1:08 PM

Anyone remember my hot little ol' contest?

Contest! It's gonna be a hot one. {edit}Ok, so the deadline for the contest is today (June 21st)....errrr tonight. Whatever. Basically, if by tomorrow morning, I have your entry, then you're all good. So gimme more! I have a few I've not gotten to yet, so be patient with me, people. I have a lot going on this weekend, so it may appear that I'm being ditsy, but I'm not. I'll take care of all of the pretty points within a couple of days and let you guys know the winners as soon as possible. I've gotten some really wonderful entries and I'm glad you guys catered to my demands. :love: 

Alright, so I finally got an idea rolling around in my head for a contest. How'd it come to me? Well let's just say I was barefoot and burning up one day last week. Alabama (despite this week's cool spell) is on its way to Summer and it feels grand. So.....the contest shall be in the theme of HEAT. You're free to interpret the theme however you wish, be it in the form of temperature, scientifical idears,

Or are we gonna focus on how much I suck for being almost completely missing in action over here? Pshh. Y'all still love me. (Hopefully) Anyway, there were some snazzy entries and I enjoyed reading them all. Y'all are purdy amazing, as per usual. :blowkiss:

And now, for the weiners winners! By the by, I'm terrible with making decisions; y'all will see exactly what I mean when you get to the third place winner(s). I just couldn't decide, and y'all will understand this, too, when you get down to reading these pieces. Give 'em lots and lots of looooove, yeah?

:bulletyellow: First Place :bulletyellow:
500 Points

Ode to Sticky CrickIn the sticky, canoe beer paddled with me
doggedly browning, the creek groaned with
the million year magnolias. Andrew rolled
in the bottled bottom, I slipped into the mud
to push, "gumbo, gum-bo. Gum. BO." I named
the creek new, Gars slid
out of the ferns chasing after dragon flies. Andrew
added his stomach soup to our gravy boat,
drowned by birds all chuckling arrows
pointed down the middle channel, pointing to
no boats, calm watered. Green arms constricted
the world down brook we took.
"Bet Samantha is down
to her panties now son, and we ain't seein'
a bit." Andrew mutters
all apologies around his stomach. Truth is,
we had a better view than a pair of sun drenched ta-tas,
cause the world down Gumbo off the ‘sticky tasted
like I'd dreamed a woman would, smelled like
we never had dreamed up a bomb or a plane, in the million voiced
Frantic; trees crowding around the sun like it'd stay forever.

:bulletyellow: Second Place :bulletyellow:
300 Points

steamvents bursting with hurtrisk her, un-cauterized wound-up darling
bleeding on the blotter. dare you.
she is half a spirit, forty proof flammable still
enough to slur words and compromise balance,
but keep the black outback at bay
torch-tongue wandering, matchstick fingers
mussing up your hair, running teeth
over cartilage. picking you apart
for fun.

:bulletyellow: Third Place(s) :bulletyellow:
200 Points

Summer Gamesand when I left my fingertip
on the crevice of your weather vanes
and your calescent cheeks
I knew the world had forgotten
we never knew we cared to stay
and when your weary tongue traveled
across the molten asphalt of my
I knew we had forgotten
this pleading always ends
so we crash the pornographic scene,
read our scripts with the burning
touches and the dirty men and the
thermometer broken, blushing
and wrapped in June31st dreams
a southern affair with a match
in gasoline attire,
I'm talking loud
our summer is avoidance
and our issues now
are leading
straight into your sweating brows
this escape is almost over
and our lungs are racked with guilt and
lack of air, doubled over,
flushed and flourishing
a rushed summer twist, paramour
broken, adultery in the seat of sticky
Alabama, dragonflies and 711
I knew we had forgotten
pretending to love is tiresome.
  hallucinationsheat waves don't caress you
like ocean breezes; they 
like two-year old
on their bellies,
foaming flames at the mouth.
the only romantic thing
about summer
is how she seems to fly
like a mustang 
across the sun-soaked
pool pavement
and into the kool-aid blue
she is eight again
and burned a scarlet red
and she's asking if I believe
heaven is in that bright,
cloudless sky
while she floats on her
back in the devil's light
"darlin, heaven is where
ice tea is an arm's length
and somehow her quiet laughter
presses through the fog
of a vaporized mind
and somehow her smile relaxes
the choke of afternoons in July
and somehow we are in the 
kool-aid blue sky
drinking ice tea with angels
here the sweat does not tickle,
does not sting,
but glistens on our brows
like crowns.
  Last Day of August 
Pale horses in a field of sun-burnt grass, legs buckling
Falling, grace, succumbing; un-becoming
We stood in the harsh August sun, naked and maddened
Red wet flesh glistening, thirst, baked, dreamless
Hallelujah and amen, in the distance a choir sings
Lightning cracks sky; hope, wait, plunder
Crisp brains search for old dreams of starlit night
When we were young, and not so mad
The first drops fall, and we are redeemed; we live
Drinking rain from cupped hands; delight
When the storm passes it is night; a billion stars twinkle
We remember why we’re here; deliverance
Now we can see the lights of home shining, welcome
Spirit horses fade into darkness; we walk

Now take your time going through ALL of the entries and give 'em all kinds of lovie-dovies or I'll punch every one of you in the face...lovingly. :aww:

Golden Promisea golden promise
seeps in through
the drawn blinds,
  within the melody
  the songbirds sing
  i can hear waves
wind whispers
through luscious
green canopies,
  humidity wraps
  its arms around
  me like a lovers'
a smile tugs
at the corners
of my mouth
as i slip out
of my bed to
tiptoe outside,
  in the feel
  of warm earth
  my feet,
it is that time
  of the year
  once more;
  has walked
     back in.
  Heat AdvisoryWe are an air-mass thunderstorm at the height
of an Indian summer -- a cloudburst colliding
into a cyclone, raising the temperature of any
who wander through our sweaty inversion.
I soar above the earth buoyed on your thermals,
straight into a clap of thunder conceived by
lightning fever. A roiling heatwave travels
across our connection, evaporating the atmosphere
surrounding the eye of our storm. Your humid
breath wisps over the thermodynamics of my skin,
pushing cumulonimbus up the drought in my spine.
Muggy kisses trail down my body like volcanic ash,
a haze blurring the lines between our hurricanes.
And as the barometer spikes, my heartbeat quickens;
I am sucked into the vortex of your tropical storm.

spitting seedsI spit a watermelon seed in your eye
and you laughed.
Silly boy. 
You eclipsed the brazen midday sun
and were surrounded
by a halo of light.
I was chilled in your shadow
and you screamed of heat.
My moth to your flame.
You chased me round the yard
and spit an army of seeds right back at me...
in rapid fire. 
  HeatThe room is on fire
As you start to speech
You start by 'ungrateful'
I'm a profiteer, a leach
Temperature rising
As you start to cook
Over my sins
You can't overlook
The atmosphere, vibrating
Molecules racing
As you list my 'problems'
We have been facing
Your stone cold heart
Has split
Into raging inferno
Can't you feel 'it'?

The Rolling Waves of WarWaves of fever are at war
with the hazy, summer day.
The shine of light into me bore
a red mark of skin decay.
And on that day,
the torrid day where
bright, new worlds arise,
to me you said you would be gone
before the moon would rise.
And so I looked into the orange,
red, gold, purple, light
of the orb that was then passing
over the hills to my right.
There I saw a single dot,
a line, more like, a speck,
that shifted down with the Sun
into the Earth’s black deck.
I followed it down to the excited, roaming curls.
I looked down into my lap before I could complain.
The days grow shorter now,
the war of sultry waves is done,
but whenever I look back
I know this war has not been won.
  HealingThe Spirit Flowing
Holds the Tides
Evanescence Knowing
Folds the Lies
Incandescence Glowing
Roll Your Eyes?
Ever Taking, Growing -
The Fire abides.

Fire, Glow, PassionWho does not know
The element of fire -
Which blazes from embers,
And passion -
Which seizes a loving heart?
Fire, glow and passion,
Three terms –
Clearly and definitely -
Address the point
Of all things.
Burning hot
And unruly
Swelling -
And long
Lasting -
A state
Of the heart -
And true.
With you?
Your look
Is fire -
Your kiss,
Hot as embers.
To lose you,
Too dear -
Through you
I've courage.
Your face,
Like fire -
Your lips,
Swelling coals.
There is a word
For you only -
You are unequaled,
Pure passion.
  Sere...stalks rattle
ears withered
August days
court June

HeatSuddenly, she was there. He had no idea where she came from or how she got there. But from one moment to the next, she was standing in the garden. The late evening sun shone through her red and blonde hair as if it was on fire. Of course he had tried the obvious and ask her, but she had just smiled at him. Maybe she was mute. So they both had been standing in the garden and for a reason he could not really explain, he was glad that she was there. It was something about the way she could smile. It gave him a feeling of ... comfort was not the right word. Reunion maybe? When she had smiled at him, it was as if something returned. Something he wasn't even aware that it was missing. He didn't lust after her, she was barely more than a girl. Other would have probably reacted way different than him. Others might have chased her away or called the cops. However, he had asked her if she would like to come in.
So now she was sitting in his couch and looking around like a curious, but shy child.
  Throw Me AwayThe indifference existing betwixt the space of your finger tips and my less than warm skin
Sets my soul ablaze.

The inside of me...I wanna burst out... The comet inside me, with all its might, is wailing aloud, shrieking with fright, howling, bawling, sniveling for a destination. I'm burning. Either with terror or with nihilism. Trying to sweat it out, but I can't. I'm not able to. Will I ever reach there? Am I capable? The scorch is haunting me...
My heart's boiling, in the cauldron of my blood. I'm thirsty... the thirst for a stop. I'm impatient, though I know there will be an end. An end to my imagination, my dream, my aim. I wanna rule the world, but am I supposed to? Is it what I want? Or should I live... live like an ocean... calm and quiet.
No. Coz I'm ripped apart. I have two parts. One is burning, scorching, the flames of which are soaring high, nurtured by my drastic, endless heart which is full of dreams, hallucinating an ocean ahead. But the deep is the second part. My second half, which is quiet, calm and enduring. It knows that one day the fire will burn out, leaving an ash to be mixed with

...and vespera  submitted and then withdrew hers

because she's a big ol' whore.

But we still love her.

Skin by huina
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BUY THIS. Do it now. NOW, I said.

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 7:25 AM

She is brilliant. She is beautiful. She is one of my favorite people on this whole planet. Support my lovely your-methamphetamine and be amazing.

the articulation of my vertebrae by your-methamphetamine

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