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We talk
Dialogue becomes monologue
Your mind a beehive
Thoughts bumping and jumping
As they attempt a landing
I take responsibility
Love binds us with blood
Unbreakable, undeniable
The truest truth
Love trumps logic and reason
:iconjimfleming:jimfleming 4 11
you have a
lion's claw, beady
eye, rampant and
something more fit
for a faerietale villain
than the prince
you claim to be.
I, even in stock and chain,
would no sooner
give you the key to my castle
than throw my heart
to wolves.
:icontoxic-nebulae:toxic-nebulae 10 3
Code Blue
Concrete and asphalt, brick and steel, flesh and bone
Tall buildings with window-eyes, watching traffic lights
flashing blue
Walk through the wind to the end of the street with me
Somewhere up ahead the streetlights dim, the power lines
fade into nothing
Don't worry; the blue bus, the black chariot, the white trucks
are all lined up there to take us to our destination
Rest and let the driver take over
We've walked far, been scarred, but filled with joy as well
The windows close their sleepy eyes, goodbye
Here we go
A siren's two-tone wail coordinates with the flashing blue lights behind
Unnoticed, the lights go out and the siren becomes a flat single note
:iconbark:Bark 26 44
Gateway Drug Theory
Between dreams of curious reaction,
I follow this addiction to your deleterious delight.
Hallucinated whispers of Cheshire smiles formed under starry skies,
propel me to leap from cardhouse rooftops, catching sunrises
between gnashed teeth with lips forced into a bow.
In the impulsive waking hours,
I crave you between fingertips and lips,
welcoming the ribbons of soothing lies
puffed by caterpillar, and await metamorphosis
from something more than fantasy.
But in the six o'clock hour of murdered time,
a wonderland between sheets is riddled.
[Un]enjoyed tea for fanfare too late,
I collapsed along with the rabbit hole.
Written: 4/17/2012
Revised: 4/25/2012

Copyright 2012 Jen Fowler
All Rights Reserved.
:iconbeyondjen:BeyondJen 11 26
The Ballad of Serenity
A nightingale in a birch nearby,
sang a song that made her cry.
"Another note and I shall die!"
Her threat was met with no reply.
And so she rested by the stream,
and heard the crickets softly dream.
She watched the cattails kiss the stars,
believing heaven not so far.
"And here is where I shall be free,"
whispered fair Serenity.
The orphaned child, the strange young girl
born into an ancient world.
No elegance or skill had she
but the ballad, of Serenity.
She was cursed with just one song:
a ballad haunting, soft and long.
The words were never hers to hear,
but danced always beyond her ear.
On harp, flute, lyre she wiled away,
the notes that only she could play.
Yet she grew tried of just one song
and ran away before too long,
into a wood with stream of gold
where rumored lived the bards of old.
She found the caves of deepest blue
and told them, "I have searched for you."
Serenity the bards admired.
They gave to her the sacred lyre,
which bound her soul between its strings,
to find th
:iconladyofgaerdon:LadyofGaerdon 160 253
Open for Me :icondragon-fly-to-me:dragon-fly-to-me 67 79
All he left you
was the fear of flying -
the accidental tilt of gravity
against the air
and pull of atmosphere
that cracked the ceiling
of your bedroom.
You thought he must be Icarus
from the scent
that tattered the sheets
and the soft, white down
you mistook for rapture -
a sweet tryst of love
and friction.
But the sun
was cruel that day -
abrupt and lethal,
beckoning you to the window
to study how he wore
the  April morning
and watch as ecstacy  
made criminals of his words.
:iconscarlettletters:Scarlettletters 293 83
Gone on the heels of hope and spring,
my Massachussetts farm boy
with his weather-weary hands
and bold moustache;
and one crackling mad Australian
who spoke in the grey voice
of a low persistent breeze.
Still underfoot like cats,
the small-time politician
who mixes bile with imported beer;
the old arborist, bound by rope
to the hearts of trees,
who prays to many gods
to hedge his bets.
:iconriparii:riparii 13 44
green rose
The green rose glories in the forest  
hidden from all but the subtle eye  
Winding about the trees  
Guarding them with supple thorns  
Its simple five blade flower  
makes a pentacle of magic  
a ferocious quiet protection  
for the beings in the wood  
I walk freely there
:iconlancelotprice:LancelotPrice 8 32
An aphorism of here and there
My contradictions and I built a house. Our house was home to fine porcelain. The porcelain souls of many weightless spirits found a home in our house. One night the draft brought in a woman of the forest. She had long coarse hair the color of stormclouds and strewn with sticks. We had been hosting a gathering for the equinox. The vernal synapses and the alcohol had us pins and laughter. But she spoke to us with the sonorous voice of the mountains.
You love your madness; you care for it with perfumed hands,
and it plucks flowers from every corner of your body.
You love your madness because it is a release, but what
could be a greater release than to love yourself?
To love oneself! How such noble words have been defamed
by ugly voices!
You repeat those words to your neighbor, and they flee
like ghosts into the meaningless air, themselves
becoming meaningless.
With a quivering voice you push the fruit of your soul
out into the world; yet your neighbor does not look
at you when he consumes
:iconarchelyxs:archelyxs 15 27
Just a Man
I was cold, you made a fire.
The logs crackled like applause
while you played your guitar
and sang to me songs of love
of broken roads and crossed stars;
with every note I loved you more.
You brought me flowers-
no, in my mind you did,
and that was all that really mattered.
I kept them pressed neatly
between Byron, Keats, and Shelly
and the lines that made up you.
You said that you had always loved me
and that I was the only one,
but I didn't really listen,
I only heard what I wanted
instead of what was important,
your use of past tense regarding me.
I was wrong, I was wrong,
I made you grander than what you are.
I built you up in my mind.
I hid your flaws in the shadows
and let the rest of you shine far too brightly.
I saw exactly what I wanted to see.
I was wrong to make more of you
than what was really there,
but my heart believed in the mirage.
That song you sang to me
has turned to ashes in my ears.
It's my fault for trusting you.
The petals wilted upon reflection,
and in this har
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 221 112
an in-ken-ible query on transparency
if motives are open
to everyone's eyes
is truth then right
where secrecy lies?
llp - apr2012 - dA
:iconalapip:alapip 8 14
Apollo and Daphne
Ladies of the nine, I call on your aid,
Add grace to my words add worth to my name.
I cannot start, for my pen is afraid
To disgrace my subject of highest acclaim.
I speak now of your philosopher king,
Welcome dear Muses, beloved of Apollo.
Lend me your gift; I will make his tale sing,
All will remember what they used to know.
Apollo, son of Zeus, shone so brightly,
Of the sky god, he was a favored one.
His twin Diana led the moon nightly,
While with his chariot, he drove the sun.
This blessed golden god could do no wrong,
Though, the sisters Fate planned to steal his song.
Though the sisters Fate planned to steal his song,
His blood proved he was nobodies equal
When he destroyed a beast, ancient and strong
And reclaimed that place most spiritual.
Phoebus Apollo had then a proud heart
For his actions that had made him so great.
Word spread he killed the Python with one dart.
His skills alone could he appreciate.
That proud youth, the golden god of the sky
Began looking down on all thos
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 9 16
'Cause I dig... <3

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So, while having play-time in your gallery, I see the option to critique this! And since you so foolishly encourage me, here we go: I l...


I'm a listener.

I'm around if anyone needs to talk about anything. I miss being active with you guys and a part of your lives, so any time anyone needs an ear - I'm around. And if I don't know you, you're still welcome to give me a shout. Everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes, and I never mind listening (or reading) anything. :heart:

Thank you.

I can't always keep up with proper thanks, but know that I do thank anyone who reads anything of mine. :heart:

Also, you're already welcome. So no need to thank me for a thing. (:



Publication Opportunity!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 11, 2015, 8:04 PM
Hi, y'all. I've been so absent and I hate lacking the time to be here the way I'd like to be. Anyhow, I've got a lot going on, and I'd like to bring y'all in on some of it. Some of y'all know I'm on staff at cahoodaloodaling (if not, we're reading for Issue #19, and you're all invited to check us out and see if it's one you'd like to submit to) but I'm also working at Pankhearst and have been put in charge of editing an anthology. It'll be in print and e-book, folks, and it's going to be an excellent book if I have anything to say about it. What is it? Well, it will be an international collection titled America is not the World, and will consist of poetry and short fiction. It's not a negative theme, so if you submit, don't assume I want to read America-bashing. Opinions on the country are allowed, as is anything. Primarily, though, I want to collect voices from all over the world. Y'all are from everywhere and I've read so many incredible things here based on the idea of your homes. So, if you're interested in submitting or know others who would be, feel free to pass this around. All info can be found here.

Fiction writers! I'm not done with y'all. My boss, who happens to be a really amazing editor and a founding member of the collective, is compiling a separate anthology titled Life During Wartime, which I'm convinced will be a page-turner. Her own books are edgy and brilliant, and she knows how to put together a killer collection. Pass this info around to anyone who may be interested as well. Read up on what she's looking for here.

A quick note in advance: I'm expecting a lot of submissions and will have to be very selective, so please don't be bothered if I'm unable to accept your work. As a writer who has been submitting for a few years now, I know the sting of declines and get on average a couple of them weekly. They don't feel good, but look at it as practice. I believe in this community here, though, and would love to see some familiar names end up in the book. :heart:

I hope you're all doing well. I miss y'all! It's hard for me to get to messages, though I intend to, but I always check notes. I'm slow, but I get there. So if you have any questions, gimme a shout.

You're lovely. Wanna prove it? 

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